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New Hanover Education Ventures is dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences for students.  We partner with area businesses to provide 4 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activitiy days each school year.  Past participants have included Corning, GE, the Brunswick Nuclear Plant, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Fort Fisher Aquarium.  

Hands On, Experiential Learning


Hands-on, experiential learning brings concepts to life.  Students can develop a deeper understanding of concepts they are learning in school.  This can create a spark of interest leading to deeper inqury and greater retention of the subject matter and creatte a life long learner. 

How Can STEM Education Influence Your Child


By observing industry professionals demonstrating STEM content and how it is integrated in their business processes students can see and understand that the topics they are studying in the classroom are not simply theory-but are processes being utilized every day.  Observing and interacting with these professionals may help students discover a careeer path they may not have otherwise considered.  

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